The Artwork

T he concept for the It Only Took a War artwork originated in part, from the fact that the EPs were originally intended solely as online releases with no physical form, so I wanted the artwork to very much exist in reality, to be tangible and visceral, to occupy a space and cast a shadow, both figuratively and literally. The artwork, while directly inspired by the music and the title, is not intended to directly interpet or illustrate Colin’s songs but accompany them and to draw attention to them, just as the understatement of the title itself does.

The title font Macula, is based on the ‘impossible’ Penrose triangle (or Penrose tribar). Each 12cm high letter was cut from 4 mm thick plywood and individually suspended by a wire from a 2 meter wooden frame, then the typography was positioned and adjusted by hand and judged by eye. I have further explored this theme of beauty, being a result of imperfection and random unintended detail with the artwork for Part 2 and Part 3. I hope you like it, now go enjoy the music.

–  Maurice (March 2013)  

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IOTAW Parts 2 and 3 to follow in 2013. Watch this space.